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Distribution 20/20 delivers visibility into every aspect of your business

This suite of solutions provides a complete business and distribution management system that help you reduce inventory management costs, increase speed and agility in responding to customer needs, and provide real-time visibility across the business operations.

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solving real-world distribution issues

Distribution Data Problems Solved

Distributors facing fragmented business processes and uncontrolled business data find solutions with Socius using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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7 Ways Cloud ERP Enables Distribution Collaboration

If you work for a company that has many locations, you have felt the pinch of collaboration woes.  In the past, working together meant sending massive emails filled with content that you hope encrypted properly or driving to and fro in an effort to remain on the same page.  Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) changes […]

stocking and inventory

Visibility the Key to Preventing Inventory Errors Before They Happen

When it comes to being a best-in-class distributor, it is imperative that visibility be maintained across all departments. It is through visibility that corrective actions can be taken to mitigate issues before they become a customer problem or lead to an error that disrupts inventory protocols. As a product-driven company, inventory must be well-balanced, ensuring that […]

Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable

‘Cost to Serve’ – Do You Know Yours?

Before you acquire a client, add a product line or expand your service offerings do you know exactly what it’s going to cost your distribution business to serve that client or the market? Without detailed information and data you may end up in ‘over your heads’ in a segment where your costs are higher than […]

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